Podcast Interview with Ellen Evans

Foster Village's Director of Operations, Ellan Evans, was recently invited to talk about Foster Village on the podcast, Mom &… Podcast, with Missy Stevens and Susanne Kerns. 

You Can Give Back (No Matter How Little Time You Have!) - Show Summary

Podcast host, Susanne, is a volunteer and board member for Carrying Hope, an organization that provides necessities to children in foster care. Podcast host, Missy, is a volunteer CASA for CASA Wilco and foster care advocate, who happens to be related to one of the founders of Foster Village, an organization that helps bridge the gaps between caregivers and those who want to help.

Kristin Finan from Carrying Hope and Ellan Evans from Foster Village talked with the Mom &... Podcast about volunteer opportunities in their organizations. They also spoke about the state of foster care, ways to learn more about the foster care system, and ways to get involved, no matter how much time you have.

Listen to the full podcast episode, You Can Give Back (No Matter How Little Time You Have!)here.

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