Ellen Evans Receives Painting the Town Proud Award

As owners of Color World Housepainting in Austin, and specifically Dripping Springs where they live, Jeff and Angie Hendricks want to honor someone in their community who creates a bright spot by inspiring others--who helps paint our town proud.

Today we shine the spotlight on Ellen Evans, director of operations for Foster Village, who tirelessly works behinds the scenes keeping everything running smoothly. As a small token of our appreciation for all Ellen does, Jeff presented her with a treat bucket and a gift card to SudsMonkey Brewery & Pizza.

“Ellen is one to put others before herself in everything she does. She is truly salt of the Earth and a light to everyone who knows her,” said Chrystal Smith, co-founder of Foster Village.

“Ellen is a champion for the vulnerable and has spent most of her life caring for children with special needs, children in foster care, and basically any creature in need of a home. Dripping Springs is blessed to have Ellen as part of our community!” she added.

Ellen and her family began their journey into the world of foster care in 2013 when they became a licensed foster home. They have since developed a passion for supporting and encouraging fellow foster parents, biological families, and the vulnerable children at the center of it all. She helped launch Foster Village in 2016 and continues to pour her heart, time and energy into our mission.

Thank you, Ellen! We at Color World Housepainting appreciate you and all the ways you paint our town proud! - Jeff & Angie Hendricks