A Stronger Framework for Families: Foster Village + Stand Up Eight

As we’ve mentioned in previous news, we’re proud to announce that a long-time partner organization, Stand Up Eight, is the newest part of Foster Village, Inc. and our nationwide affiliates. 

Children with trauma history can heal from the effects of abuse and neglect, but they need specialized parenting and treatment. That’s why we’re infusing Stand Up Eight’s unique framework into Foster Village’s growing programs that serve thousands of families in need of support, providing them with the tools we’ve created and enriched to assist them from placement to permanency. 



Foster Village and Stand Up Eight combined their holistic services to meet the needs every child and family has — to belong, to attach, and to feel safe.

Here's how Stand Up Eight has combined with Foster Village to create a stronger framework for families.


Stand Up Eight + Foster Village =

A Stronger Framework for Families

Walk alongside families to help them heal from trauma.


  • Caregiver Support

Provide trauma-informed education and support
for unique needs.

Create and facilitate practices
that promote bonding.


  • Support Gatherings
  • Volunteer Engagement

Meet the deepest needs for connection by sharing emotions, especially big ones.

Teach the healthiest ways to interact with one another.


  • Partners in Permanency

Build trusting, nurturing, committed relationships to heal from trauma together.


In a time when support for one another is a precious gift, we’re thankful for the opportunity to not only strengthen the collective work of Foster Village and Stand Up Eight, but to reinforce our valuable services to children and families too. We’re all stronger together!