There are over 400,000 children in the foster care system in the United States today. Because of the instability often associated with foster care, being in foster care is a pipeline to some of our most critical social issues:

  • Former foster youth account for roughly 50% of our homeless population and 80% of human trafficking victims.
  • 80% of foster youth suffer from PTSD and depression.
  • 90% of youth with five or more placements enter the criminal justice system.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Foster youth are bright, capable, resilient kids, and when they are given nurturing environments to grow up in, the tools they need to succeed, and a community of support, they are empowered to overcome adversity and become who they are created to be.

Foster Village surrounds children experiencing foster care and their caregivers – foster parents, kinship families, and reunifying biological parents – with a village of support that breaks generational cycles of adversity.

Most families foster for less than a year, citing burnout and lack of support as the reason they stop. At the same time, 85% of people who are not foster parents say they care about vulnerable children and want to help.

We bridge the gap between families in the child welfare system and those who want to help, creating a village of support beyond the system.

How we serve children and families

Equip Caregivers with Support

When a child is placed with a family, they often arrive with just the clothes on their back. At Foster Village, families and children can get clothing, new beds, car seats, toiletries, and other basic necessities – completely free and within 24 hours of placement in a home, creating a nurturing and welcoming environment for a child and reducing overwhelm for caregivers.

Connect Families to Each Other

Families intersecting with foster care navigate a complex system and unique challenges that come with caring for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and family separation. When others who are on that same journey offer solidarity and encouragement, caregivers are strengthened to be a steadfast source of healing and safety for the children in their care.

Foster Village provides caregivers with access to support groups, respite care, parents’ nights out, therapeutic resources, and expertise to help sustain and empower caregivers as they navigate the child welfare system.

Advocate for Community Beyond the System

Foster care is a messy solution to a messy reality. We believe the path to restoration is a safe and supportive community beyond the system. Foster Village upholds the inherent dignity of every child and family, understands the root causes of children entering the foster care system, and raises awareness about the true needs of vulnerable children and families. By advocating for change at the policy level, connecting foster families and biological families, surrounding reunifying families with a village of support, and replicating Foster Village affiliates around the country, we bridge gaps so every family can thrive.

How you can be the village beyond the system


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One of the most tangible ways you can support a child and family is by helping us stock our resource center with basic necessities (clothes, toiletries, etc.), comfort items, beds, car seats, and other resources for children entering foster care. We provide these items to families within 24 hours of a child arriving at their home, helping them meet needs and support the children in their care. Shop our Amazon Wishlist and have Amazon ship directly to us!


The majority of our support comes from community members like you, so that we can continue to operate outside of the government system and bring change where it’s needed most. 

Your gift will help us launch and sustain Foster Village Corpus Christi and break cycles of adversity for vulnerable children and families in our community. 

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Will you join us and be part of a village of support and healing for children and families in your community?